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A High End Stereo system is something special. When it’s done right a quality sound system will simply transform the way you experience music and consistently provide a lot of enjoyment for many years to come.

High End Stereo

High End Stereo

A High End Stereo system is greater than the sum total of its parts. Stereo systems, in contrast to home theaters, for example, generally have only a few components. Each one makes a significant impact on the listening experience. The primary components of a quality sound system typically include: amplifiers and audio sources, speakers, space and cables.

The process of putting together a High End Stereo System typically starts with the speakers – our staff can recommend which speakers would be the right solution for how you envision your sound system. Speakers put their own stamp on the music you listen to in a way that’s generally greater than the audio source or amps. Speakers “overlay” a degree of coloration that changes how we may interpret the sound. This is because no speaker has a totally flat response to frequency. Many speakers are manufactured to be positioned an adequate distance from walls. They may not sound their best if they are located one or two feet from a wall. Speaker placement can also have an affect on the patterns of the bass sounds in particular.

The room where you decide to set up your stereo also plays an important role in sound quality too.
The type of room space where you locate your system and speakers can make a major difference. With our customized installation services, we can recommend the best way to position your speakers so you’ll get the very best from your new listening experience.

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