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  Sony SS-AR1 and the new Sony ES speakers!

We are proud to be the exclusive Midwest dealer for the superb Sony SS-AR1 speakers. Since their introduction they have received numerous accolades and have become the speaker of choice for several industry insiders. In addition we have recently received the more moderately priced Sony ES speakers. Stop in at your convenience to hear them!

Hegel Music Systems

Stop in to hear the highly rated HEGEL H20 power amp along with their new P20 preamp.

Absolute Sound's Product of the Year HEGEL H200, and the spectacular H300 integrated amps.

 DALI Epicon 6 - musical elegance!

Joseph Perspectives are here!

JL Audio subwoofers

JL Audio offers some of the highest performance subwoofers available, which excel not only for home theater but also for two-channel.

With their E-Series subs, JL Audio performance is now available at new lower prices starting at only $1,500. Come in to check them out!

Rega Research

Rega continues to provide us with our best selling line of turntables, as well as other award winning gear across their product line.

 Current demos include their RP1, RP3, RP6 and RP8 tables, Saturn-R CD player, DAC, Elicit-R integrated, as well as their RS1 monitors and RS5 tower speakers. Please stop by for a listen at your convenience.


Some of our featured lines:  (For a complete line list please see our Product Lines page)

 Rega BDI

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