NORDOST – Silver Shadow Digital Cable (New)

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Silver Shadow is the state of the art, high performance digital interconnect from Nordost, offering higher resolution and more detail with lower losses than any other digital cable currently on the market. Designed for use between high quality CD transports and DACs, Silver Shadow significantly reduces jitter and timing errors.

“This cutting-edge digital audio interconnect offers higher resolution than any other cable on the market.”
– Essential Home Cinema

Each cable is terminated with BNC connectors at both ends and includes a pair of BNC to RCA adapters. Nordost has found that even when used with the RCA adapters, the performance benefits of the BNC termination vastly outweighs the penalty of using an adapter. Silver Shadow utilizes Nordost’s proprietary Micro Monofilament technology, reducing insulation contact by at least 80%. This greatly lowers the dielectric constant (distortion caused by the insulation) to an unbelievably low 1.38εr (the perfect dielectric is a vacuum at 1εr). This means that Silver Shadow can transmit signals at incredibly fast speeds with virtually no influence on the music.

“The Silver Shadow is the best digital cable here by far.”
– What Hi-Fi?

The combination of the very fast signal propagation, low capacitance and resistance makes Silver Shadow the only choice for uncompromised audio quality, especially with the new generation of digital-to-analog converters used for today’s digital music files.

This cable is factory terminated in 1 meter length with BNC connectors and RCA adapters on both ends.


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