Muse Model Eight DVD/CD transport & 296 DAC

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The Muse Model Eight DVD/CD transport & 296 DAC combo was a former Stereophile Class A recommended component. They were designed by MUSE to complement one another and sound their best when matched together although the DAC can be used with other digital sources.

A fully balanced design, the Model 296 sports 4 Burr Brown DAC chips (2 per channel) using the most advanced PCM 1704U-K 24-bit chip at the time. Analog outputs are unbalanced and balanced. The Model 8 DVD/CD transport offers BNC, RCA and Universal I2S outputs and is capable of playing both single or dual-layer discs including DVD video discs and DVD-Audio discs. Overall sound quality is very musical and analog like. The 296 has an overall smoothness and transparency are still first class even by today’s standards.

Conclusion excerpt from Stereophile’s review:

“My forensic autopsy of the sound of the Muse Eight and 296 falls far short of conveying just how thoroughly this combo has enhanced my appreciation of compact discs and of how hard it now is to stop listening to them — not to mention the impact of introducing an entirely new standard of reproduced music via DVD… It’s ironic that, just as the advent of CD inspired a revolution in the sound quality from LP, so, too, the design choices required to maximize 24- bit/96kHz playback have given birth to a modest and reasonably affordable DVD front-end that has infused new life into CD. I’ve bought more than 20 CDs in just the past month—a binge unlike any I can remember. Perhaps that says it best of all.”

Model Eight DVD/CD transport:

Audio interfaces: BNC-S/PDIF, Universal I2S (supports encryption). Front- loading, dual-focus mechanism (655nm-wavelength laser) capable of playing single- or dual-layer discs.

Video interfaces: BNC composite video (1Vp-p), DIN S-video (Y: 1Vp-p; C: 0.286V p-p).

Dimensions: 17.2” (43.7cm) W by 3.5” (88.9cm) H by 13” (33cm) D.

Weight: 18 lbs. (8.2kg) net.

Model 296 24-bit/96kHz fully balanced digital processor:

Audio interfaces: BNC—S/PDIF, AES/EBU (pin 3 positive), Universal 125 (supports decryption), all capable of 96kHz data rates.

Digital filter: programmable 24-bit fixed-point DSP engine. Analog outputs: unbalanced (2V RMS) and balanced (2V RMS).

Dimensions: 17.2” (43.7cm) W by 3.5” (88.9cm) H by 13” (33cm) D.

Weight: 18 lbs. (8.2kg) net.


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