Montana EPS-2 tower speakers (demo)

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Montana EPS-2 tower speakers

Upon its introduction, Stereophile Magazine put the original EPS on its recommended “A” list. The current generation, the EPS-2, takes the fidelity to an even higher level. One cannot help but notice the dynamic audio perfection of the fully symmetrical vertical array of matched drivers. Although this design technology is found in other PBN speakers, it is an unexpected audio pleasure to discover such deliciously balanced delivery in a modest-sized floor-standing speaker.

However, a “balanced array” configuration is only part of the story. It must be accommodated with a host of technological innovations, including film/foil by-pass crossover capacitors, scientifically designed internal chambers and a “spare nothing to achieve results” philosophy.

This is what separates PBN from the herd. However, in the end only one thing counts — RESULTS! That is what Stereophile Magazine’s reviewers heard.

We advise that you don’t overlook the physical beauty of the EPS-2. Its classic proportions and fine cabinetry are far superior to anything else available.

The R & D department at Montana Loudspeakers never stands still. You might think we would be reckless to consider changing the “Stereophile Class A Rates” Montana EPS. However, the one trait all forward-looking technology companies have in common is the need to constantly improve. If your products don’t improve they will stagnate and eventually be rendered obsolete. With the constant advancements in our computer design and optimization techniques, we felt it was time to apply some of our evolving technology and improve our most popular loudspeaker to date. Hence the EPS2.

The proprietary asymmetrical hexagon cabinet of the EPS2 has been slightly re-shaped to better control internal standing waves and to create a smoother, wiser sound radiation pattern. Furthermore, the accuracy of our new state-of-the-art CNC machine has allowed us to fine-tune the internal bracing, producing a more refined enclosure. These latest revisions have markedly improved the rigidity of the enclosure while decreasing the overall weight for easier handling. The resulting benefits are a slimmer new look and significantly improved imaging and sound stage focus.

Frequency range: 20 Hz – 22,000 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms nominal, Sensitivity: 92 dB
Power Handling: 300 Watts
X-over points: 225 Hz – 3000 Hz
Finish: Custom order
Size: 53″ high x 15″ wide x 15″ deep
Weight: 150 lbs. each

Technical Features:

  • Precision made 14”W x 15”D x 54”H cabinet of ultra-dense MDF Ranger Board™. Signature Series has 1.625” solid maple hardwood fascia with choice of inlay
  • Matched pair of 8” mid-woofers, matched pair of 4” mid-range drivers and one 1”
    high efficiency, low distortion fabric tweeter
  • Comes complete with PBN’s proprietary 24db per octave acoustical Linkwitz-Riley crossover slopes, plus seven precision hand-wound inductors
  • Four audio-grade metalized polypropylene capacitors, along with film and foil
    bypass capacitors in the critical high-frequency network

After working for months with the engineers at SEAS, we have re-engineered and modernized our driver baskets for optimal strength and internal cabinet resonance control. At the same time we added all new high power motor structures with highly accurate magnet gaps and proprietary voice coils.

Our new proprietary 1″ textile dome tweeter has received an improved long travel suspension as well as a newly redesigned impedance tuned rear chamber. You will hear sweeter, more transparent high frequencies as well as a reduction in distortion when demanding upper mid range frequencies are encountered.

The completely redesigned 4″ mid-range driver features a novel low-diffraction basket, advanced cooling efficiency and a more powerful motor structure. A newly reshaped cone profile and dust cap enhances imaging and reduces cone breakup. These advances were achieved using the latest laser measurement techniques during the design phase. The new EPS2 simply disappears while exhibiting lowered levels of coloration without sacrificing any of the speed and dynamics that Montana Loudspeakers are famous for.

The all new 9″ woofer benefits from a new ultra quiet motor structure and features extended linear travel (15 mm) in the magnet gap to yield powerful deep bass and greater impact at the sub- bass end of the musical spectrum.

The new drivers have been optimized to allow the crossover points to be located outside of the critical mid range region (225Hz and 3500Hz). This approach translates into pin-point imaging and harmonic delicacy, and to an increased power handling capacity. With its extraordinarily smooth cross-over slopes and perfect phase alignment, the EPS2 is a definitive step forward.

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