McIntosh MR 78 FM Tuner

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Vintage McIntosh MR 78 FM Tuner, highly rated for its performance.

ELECTRICAL: Sensitivity 2uV for 35dB of quieting. Response 20-15kHz (+1 -1dB) stereo. Distortion 0.2% in stereo. Capture ratio 2.5dB. Selectivity: adjacent channel = 7dB normal, 22dB narrow and 55dB super narrow. alternate channel = 55dB normal, >90dB narrow and >>90dB super narrow. Image rejection 100dB. S/N 75dB. Separation stereo [email protected] Stereo filter noise reduction 10dB position 1, 20dB position 2. Spurious rejection 100dB. SCA rejection 50dB. Maximum signal input 12V across 300 ohms. Hum -70dB. Audio output 2.5V with front panel control. Audio output fixed 2.5V.

FRONT PANEL: Glass front panel with black & gold escutcheon. Selectivity sw: normal, narrow or super narrow. Meter sw: signal strength or multipath. Filter sw: out, 1 or 2. Muting sw: out, distant or local. Mode sw: stereo only, mono or stereo auto. Volume with on-off switch. Tuning ctrl. Signal strength and tuning meters.

BACK PANEL: Audio out 2.5V variable and 2.5V fixed. 300 or 75 ohm fm cable input. Scope outputs. Panloc mounting.

Size 5-7/16″H, 16″W and 13″D behind panel. Weight 27 lb.