Manley Stingray iTube integrated (demo)

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The Stingray iTube is built around eight EL84 output tubes (four per channel), which will put out a rated 32Wpc in ultralinear mode and 18Wpc in triode mode. The modes are easily selected by flicking two switches at the rear of the amp. Among the new Stingray iTube’s many design changes and upgrades, two stand out. The first is the addition of an Apple-certified iPod dock on the amp’s top front. Second, the iTube includes an IR/RF remote that gives you full control of the amp, as well as the track functions on a docked iPod from any room in your house. The Stingray iTube is gorgeously built, with immaculate fit’n’finish, right here in the US of A.

In addition to its iPod dock, the iTube has three inputs, all single-ended. There’s an output for a subwoofer, a record out, a return loop, and an S-video output, so you can view the video or photos stored on your iPod on a TV. On the right front-side panel is a ¼” headphone jack. Plugging in your headphones defeats the output to the speakers and sub. The speaker terminals accommodate banana plugs and spades

“The Manley Stingray iTube is a winner. Much ink has been spilled over the many sonic virtues of the original Stingray, and rightfully so. The addition of the iPod dock brings it squarely into the 20th century, and opens up high quality audio to a largely untapped audience”
– Nels Ferre,

“every [audiophile] looking for a great-sounding tube integrated that stands out from the crowd—ought to at least spend some time with the Manley Stingray iTube. It undermined my expectations and then exceeded them. I was stung by its performance. It might sting you, too.”
– Erick Lichte, Stereophile

“…what makes the Stingray really great is that the solid sonic performance is complemented with this metal housing remote control that does almost everything you need while listening to music…”
– Mike, Headphonia

Mainly: the Stingray II has 1/8″ line input instead of iPod dock. The Stingray II has four sets of stereo analog inputs. The 4th input is on a stereo 1/8″ jack for easy interface with portable devices and computers. The Stingray iTube® has an iPod dock as the 4th audio input which will charge and play your iPod, iPhone, or iTouch device. Track advance, back and volume control can be commanded from the Stingray iTube’s remote control. The iPod’s video output can be ported to a monitor via the S-Video output. The Stingray iTube® has been licensed from Apple as a Made for iPod approved device. Note: the original Stingray has been discontinued.