Jeff Rowland Model 1 amps (pair)

Status & Appearance:

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Jeff Rowland Model 1 amps were designed from the bottom up to be able to perform in the bridged mode as a 250W mono amplifier, with its power supply and output stages designed to avoid sonic degradation when used as a monoblock. The Model 1 is direct-coupled from input to output, using a DC servo to compensate for long-term drift. Local feedback is used, but the amplifier does not employ overall or global feedback.

A quote on its performance from “The 1 is a warm, fluid and mellow sounding amp with extremely velvety highs and a fat, deep bass. Especially symphonic music sounded incredibly lifelike: you could hear the wood and the music was real and live and the louder you play the better it gets!”

Model 1 Features

Lack of overall or nested negative feedback eliminates time domain distortion.

Proprietary distortion canceling techniques minimize amplitude related distortions.

Each transistor individually tested and matched for optimum operating characteristics.

Constant output impedance is maintained over the entire audio range, allowing for universal compatibility with associated equipment.

The large number of high-speed bipolar output transistors provides uncompromising reliability and eliminates the need for electronic protection circuitry.

A single voltage amplification stage utilizes field effect transistors (operating intransconductance mode), which increases low-level signal recognition.

The absence of capacitors, inductors, fuses and protection circuitry throughout the signal path eliminates the adverse effects of these devices.

A specially designed toroidal power transformer is supported by the substantial output stage capability.

All critical circuitry is encapsulated in a thermally-conductive epoxy to ensure stability.

Model 1 Technical Specifications

Stereo output power (250 watts @ 8 ohms mono)
60 wpc RMS continuous, 8 ohms
120 wpc RMS continuous, 4 ohms
215 wpc RMS continuous, 2 ohms
Power Bandwidth
0.3 Hz to 300 kHz, -3 dB
Slew Rate
70 volts per microsecond
THD and Noise
Less than .025%, 1 kHz, 8 ohms, 20 watts
Less than .035%, 1 kHz, 8 ohms, 60 watts
Damping Factor
Greater than 200, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 8 ohms
Greater than 85 100 kHz, 8 ohms
Output Current
22 amps peak, continuous
55 amps peak, 0.1 ohm, 20 msec, 1 kHz
Overall Gain
Selectable: 20, 26, 29.5, 32 dB
136 mV, 1 watt, 8 ohms
Input Impedance
Selectable: 100k, 20k

Note: While we have this pair of amps priced at $2,995, we can sell them individually for $1,500.


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