Infinity HCA – Hybrid Class A power amplifier

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Infinity HCA – Hybrid Class A power amplifier – a true classic! This power amp was rated as possibly the best sounding amp available at the time of its creation, a pure Class A output stage hybrid tube and solid state design.

According to the legendary J. Gordon Holt of Stereophile: “Imagine if you can a power amplifier with the bass richness, midrange liquidity, and high-end accuracy of the best tube amplifiers, and the inner detail, transient attack, and bass solidity and range of the best solid-state amplifiers. If you can imagine that, you can visualize what this amplifier sounds like…

This, then, is the amplifier for other designers to emulate, with the hope that someone may be able to equal its performance at a rather more affordable price. As for us, we have no intention of parting with this, even if we have to negotiate a second mortgage to swing it.”


Description: Hybrid power amplifier utilizing both tubes and solid-state devices.
Output power: 150Wpc into 8 ohms. Power consumption 800W.
Dimensions: 19″ W by 20 D by 9 H, overall. Weight: 112 lbs.

Solid wooden case, with clear acrylic cover.