Chang Lightspeed CLS Reference power conditioner (demo)

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Chang Lightspeed CLS Reference power conditioner

Michael Chang, engineer and stereophile, designed the Lightspeed Powerline Filters after being disappointed with the powerline filters available on the market. Mr. Chang’s design eliminates AC contamination without the use of lag/noise inducing transformers or coils. In 1991, Michael and his sister Stella founded Chang Audio Corporation.

A small staff of technicians hand assembles and tests each unit from quality parts before it is shipped out. The combination of this care in craftsmanship, with the effectiveness of filtration and the units’ low cost, has won Chang Lightspeed Powerline Filters acclaim and buyers worldwide.

A significant step up from Chang’s standard products, their Reference grade power conditioner is built to a much higher standard. This new reference level device delivers ultimate see-through transparency, precise imaging, ultimate speed and absolute power delivery against a pitch-black background.

The CLS Reference powerline filter redefines industry expectations.


Lightspeed Powerline filters effectively block performance robbing AC contaminants from affecting your valued components . . . and do so with an important difference.

​Traditional AC filtration is available in many formats–from $10 devices adequate for protecting your clock-radio to hideously expensive and complicated systems with all the charm and aesthetic appeal of welding equipment.

​Despite immense differences in cost and size, previous filtration schemes share one commonality: the use of inductive coils to block ultra-high frequency (RFI and EMI) noise.

​However, coils have a fundamental drawback when used to filter AC for an audio or audio/video system. They introduce an unavoidable time-lag when subjected to instantaneous high current demands common when power amplifiers attempt to reproduce high level musical transients. The sonic penalties of this time lag include smeared transients at all power levels and diminished crescendos that lack true speed and impact of live music. Video performance suffers from reduced shadow detail, particularly in fast moving scenes that rapidly vary from light to dark and back again.

​Although the coil eventually “catches up,” the damage is already done. Audio data is robbed of immediacy. Video images are less convincing and enveloping.

Lightspeed technology provides both protection and enhancement. Each Lightspeed Powerline Filter passes the power transmission (AC) line through a unique multi segmented “lossy transmission” mechanism composed of select magnetic materials. This mechanism maintains proper impedances while severely reducing the effects of RFI/EMI. The total lack of inductive coils, including isolation transformers, ensures full current delivery and uncompromised performance. top

​The LIGHTSPEED Performance Advantage

Lightspeed Powerline filters are unique in their ability to effectively block voltage spikes and RFI/EMI without the use of any inductive coils. In addition to preserving your investment by protecting your delicate circuitry, Lightspeed Powerline filters enhance system performance. Freed from a coil’s leaden effects, Lightspeed meets moment-to-moment current demands without hesitation.

​Audiophiles benefit from increased spaciousness, transient resolution and dynamic contrast. Videophiles enjoy more stable images, better color saturation and fewer noise-induced artifacts. Home theater aficionados enjoy improvements in every operating parameter. Lightspeed users report the following performance enhancements:

  • ​Improved musicality
  • Deeper and wider soundstaging
  • More precise focusing
  • Improved transient resolution
  • Greater dynamic contrast
  • Extended frequency response
  • Improved video clarity, sharpness and color saturation
  • Improved performance of electrostatic loudspeakers

A Lightspeed Powerline filter is truly a necessary requirement for maximum system safety and enjoyment.